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Hoppy Feet Black IPA - Ipswich MA - 7.0%ABV

by Derek Brewlander | July 26th, 2012

Hoppy Feet by Clown Shoes is a 7.00% ABV Black IPA brewed locally in Ipswich, Massachusetts. This excellent American Black Ale(or black IPA-same thing) pours a great SUPER dark brown that is almost completely black, with a about a two finger off white head that settles pretty quickly and has great lacing as it is consumed. The aroma is a very complex mix of resin hops, toasted bread, and sweet malts, with notes of grapefruit in the hops and dark chocolate with the malts. Hoppy Feet has an exceptional and unique taste to it. The first thing is you get is a base of malty sweetness and toasty grains with a touch of chocolate, followed by piney bitter hops with a hint of grapefruit that pack a bit of a punch, and then a nice smooth citrusy yeast finish. Despite how dark it is, it drinks like a heavier medium bodied beer. It has a great rich, lightly creamy and smooth feel to it, pretty well carbonated for such a dark beer, and is truly enjoyable to sit and sip on. Overall, I think this beer is outstanding. It has a ton going on flavor wise, and manages to mix them all together shockingly well. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to stop typing and get back to enjoying my beer. Get on down to Depot Liquors and try one yourself. Cheers!

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