Blüfeld Riesling

2011 Riesling - Madera Ca - 10% ABV

by Derek Brewlander | November 20th, 2012

Blufeld Wines’ vineyards are located in Mosel, Germany high above the banks of the Mosel River. This Riesling is very impressive and quite delicious. It sips very clean and refreshing, with a medium sweetness. With Rieslings, you can usually judge the level of sweetness by the Alcohol content: less than 10% ABV will typically be on the sweeter side while over 10% being much more dry. Blufeld’s Riesling is right smack in the middle and manages to achieve a uniquely sweet flavor without being TOO sweet and having a nice dry finish. It also has some great notes of peach and a little grapefruit. Overall, unlike some Rieslings I have tried in the past, the Blufeld is not overbearingly sweet, has a comfortable level of acidity, and has excellent subtly fruity notes. This is a perfect white wine to have on your table on Thanksgiving and at under $10.00 per bottle, it makes an excellent buy. So come on down to Depot Liquors and grab a bottle and let us know what YOU think. Cheers and happy Thanksgiving!

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