Cape Ann Brewing

Fisherman’s IPA - Gloucester MA - 6% ABV

by Derek Brewlander | November 20th, 2012

This locally brewed American IPA is brewed right in Gloucester, MA at Cape Ann Brewery which is an outstanding place to take a brewery tour. The beer pours clear golden brown with a medium one finger head which dissipated into a thin foamy film. It kept pretty good lacing upon drinking. The smell is fairly weak, giving off just a light hoppy aroma. The taste however, is very nice. This is not an overwhelmingly hoppy IPA, but rather a very well balanced beer. The floral bitter hoppy flavor is certainly there, but it immediately is balanced by a nice malty/toffee flavor and well as some hints of barley. It is very smooth and medium bodied. Overall this is just a solid American IPA that is extremely refreshing and drinkable. It is certainly a nice locally brewed beer that is a great buy. Depot Liquors has these in 6 and 12 packs so come give it a try! Cheers and everyone have a great holiday!

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