DaVinci Wine

2011 Pino Grigio - Healdsburg, CA - 12.5 %ABV

by Derek Brewlander | January 17th, 2013

Happy belated new year! I am kicking off the new year of reviews with a rare wine review, and it’s a good one! All DaVinci wines are crafted in the Tuscany region of Italy which is great because you are truly getting an authentic Italian wine when you buy a bottle, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. This pino grigio is light and crisp with a light golden/straw color. The aroma is very floral, while the flavor has more of the fruit/citrus characteristics and between the two, it makes for a very well balanced wine. Without an overwhelming acidity, you really some great citrus flavors with hints of apple and some earthy flavors as well. The most accurate way to describe this wine is crisp and refreshing. I have rarely had a pino grigio that I have found this enjoyable. I must admit, I am not a huge white wine drinker, but I really did enjoy this one. Come down to Depot, grab a bottle, and let me know if you agree with my take on it. Cheers and go Pats!

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