by Derek Brewlander | January 24th, 2013

Budweiser Black Crown is an American red lager and is their newest attempt at trying to make a somewhat more complex and flavorful beer that can still be enjoyed by the general public or mass consumer. So how'd they do? The look is decent, pours a clear light amber with a solid head that dissipates quickly and leaves good lacing throughout. The smell is pretty faint and comes across as plain.....very similar to regular Budweiser....a little bit of toasted grains and some alcohol aromas as well. The taste, much like regular bud or bud light is mild and timid, though a bit more polished and certainly smoother than Bud original. There is a slight sweetness in there with the light grain flavor and slight alcohol flavor as well. The feel is alright, very carbonated, pretty smooth, and pretty refreshing. All in all, it is what it is: flavor and complexity wise, it isn't going to match that of most other craft beers. However, it is smoother, more crisp, and has a bit higher alcohol content than Bud original or even the other mass produced beers. So while I love my craft beers, the Black Crown would be a welcome addition to tailgates or other large gatherings with a diverse group of palettes present where you usually see Bud or Coors. In the end it's a step up, very drinkable for just about everybody, but still a "beer appealing to the masses" at heart and just not different enough from their other products to really break the mold and put it up there with other craft lagers. But hey, the Black Crown is certainly a step up from the original and is super affordable. Come give it a try at Depot Liquors and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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