Shipyard Brewing Company

Bourbon Barrel Aged Prelude Ale - PoRtland ME - 9.7%ABV

by Derek Brewlander | February 14th, 2013

Wow, another great beer....come on Depot, I'm sick of giving out all of these positive reviews!(kidding of course...nothing better than settling down with a delicious craft brew after work, keep em' coming!) Anyway, this Portland, Maine brewed specialty beer is a winter warmer style ale that is aged in bourbon barrels and makes for a bold and delicious treat. First and foremost, every December in the few weeks prior to Christmas up in Kennebunk, Maine, there is a massive celebration known as Prelude which consists of great people, food, holiday festivities, a hat parade, and most importantly great beer and wine. One of the main attractions at Prelude is a restaurant/pub called Captain Jack's, which is the birthplace of Shipyard Ale. They serve all kinds of outstanding Shipyard brews one of which is the Prelude, which of course is named after the traditional Maine celebration that takes place there. It is an outstanding tradition and I recommend everyone check it out if they have the chance! Onto the beer: it pours a very dark but clear blackish brown with a good sized caramel color head and has good lacing. The aroma consists most strongly of bourbon, with slight hints of toffee and sweet malts. The taste is smooth and Bourbony, with a great roasted malt base and hints of a biscuity flavor followed by a nice slight touch of hops on the finish. This is a full bodied, high alcohol beer with solid carbonation and a very smooth finish. The bourbon overlays the rest of the flavors quite nicely(the regular Prelude special ale is delicious too,) and is not too overwhelming where it completely takes over the other flavors of the beer. Overall it is a great, boldly flavored, strong beer that goes down super smooth and stems from an amazing Maine tradition. Come try one and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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