Depot Liquors can assist you or your organization to plan any type of event. Whether it's a fund raiser,
wedding, or even as simple as a backyard barbeque Depot Liquors has you covered. Everything from
delivery service, set up of the event, and even the supply of TIPS certified bartenders are among the
available assets that can be provided to you when you choose Depot Liquors to cater your party. As each
party is unique, so are the needs of the client employing us and as a company, Depot Liquors strives to
not just meet these needs but go beyond what the customer expects.

Among our specialties is organizing and executing wine tastings of both small and extravagant stature.
From your backyard, to poolside, intimate group of friends in your home, office parties, or larger
functions such as holiday parties, only the best is offered to our customers when they choose Depot

By networking and forming valuable business partnerships within our community, Depot Liquors is also
more than capable of helping you choose superb caterers and function facilities that we have worked
with previously.

Services have been provided for numerous events including but not limited to weddings, fundraisers,
and private affairs; and excellent references can be furnished at your request proving as such. By
choosing Depot Liquors to assist you, it is not just purchasing spirits at a great price, but rather you are
ensuring that your event is planned and executed according to your needs! Professionals with a smile,
experience, and a nothing is impossible attitude are eagerly awaiting your phone call or e-mail!

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